About Us

SM Group is one of Indias first business houses to establish an embedded presence in the North East and emerge as one of the regions faster growing business houses. Operational for the last 55 years the group has adopted and embraced the most contemporary human resource and corporate social responsibility practices that have become significant benchmark in this region.

At SM Group we have managed to make our presence in the entire North East India even though it is believed to be one of the worlds most challenging terrain. We were the first enterprise to facilitate the entry of one of the worlds largest steelmakers into the North East region. Over the years we have provided extensive value added products and solutions to the region like advanced bitumen road surfacing, color coated roofing products, engineered steel buildings & solutions , state of the art residential complex and the first ever and the only showroom of Volkswagen automobiles in Northeast. We have also been operating the largest ISO-14001 certified coke manufacturing facility in the organized sector in the North East.

Core Values & Guiding Principles:

Building Trust:

  • We shall always fulfil commitments and be accountable
  • We shall always demonstrate responsibility to society and environment
  • We shall always be transparent and demonstrate honesty in action
  • We shall always provide quality products and services to enhance customer satisfaction

Valuing Relationships:

  • We shall always care for all our stakeholders
  • We shall always demonstrate equality in treatment of all our colleagues, customers & vendors
  • We shall foster new relationships to grow the business
  • We shall foster teams through motivation at all times

Pioneering Innovation:

  • We shall proactively think out-of-the box and find new cost effective ways of doing things
  • We shall encourage new ideas and be flexible to change
  • We shall strive to achieve customer satisfaction through value added products & services
  • We shall always leverage technology to increase efficiency

Continuous Learning & Growth:

  • We shall be open to learning at all times
  • We shall continuously benchmark with the best
  • We shall learn from each other
  • We shall demonstrate passion for excellence and become a high performance
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